It’s a String Thing #55

This week on It’s a String Thing the string is the TanglePatterns one by the same number. String 055 was created by Sue Agnew and the assignment is to create a monotangle using the pattern Striping by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and the tangle enhancer sparkle in honour of Sue.

Initially I filled all of the spaces with Striping and decided to use some colour rather than solid black and white.

002I was showing my other half and saying that I thought it may look good with just the loops filled in and he said that my little loops reminded him of a bumble bee so this is how my second tile came about.


Much simpler and the one I enjoyed doing the most.  Thanks for looking and hope you like it…..


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On I am the diva this week, Laura said that most of the week had been ‘cold and yucky’, even 10⁰C and raining.  Well Laura you may be 6,400 miles from where I am, but we’ve also had cold and yucky 10⁰C weather, although as I write this post the sun is out and the forecast for next week is that summer will return.

This week the challenge is Stripes and here is my tangle.  I thought I’d have another practice at getting some perspective and so went for a rolls look to my stripes, with Facets, Twile, Onamato, Pia and Otopo.

69Thank you for looking.  Please do go and have a look at the other challenge entries here.


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It’s a String Thing #54

This week the It’s a String Thing challenge on Tickled to Tangle uses string 052 and the tangles Bilt, Rick’s Paradox, Bitten and Rosewood.  This string creates seven areas, mainly triangles and I just couldn’t get my mind working with two tangles let alone three, or even four!  I’ve enjoyed using Paradox before because I do like doing tangles with lots of lines, but I’ve never done a monotangle with it so today was the day and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent doing it.
68Thanks for looking.

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Water, water everywhere………

The Diva’s challenge this week uses Water as the theme.  I haven’t done any watercolour backgrounds for a couple of weeks so was excited at the prospect of starting my tangle with a watery background.

My first background used Derwent Inktense pencils and cling film.  The result was pretty bright and I wasn’t sure how well a tangle would show up so then I tried my water-soluble crayons and also attempted to splash colour on.  This was much more subtle.  Made a lovely mess of the kitchen table but I enjoyed myself.

While they were drying I was thinking about what water brings to mind for me.  One of my nieces is travelling the world at the moment and I love to see the pictures she posts, they included some from diving on the Great Barrier Reef, so perhaps coral reefs?  I love gardening and although I don’t have a pond I love to see water-lilies and that might work too.

Have workmen in at home at the moment so apart from making endless cups of tea, I have plenty of time to tangle whilst I’m tied to the house.

So first my coral reef tile on the Inktense cling filmed background…………


There are so many tangles which I could have used on this tile because they reminded me of coral, but I stopped after I had used Gutz, Clam Bake, Sand Swirl, Pop’t, Grubz, Angel Fish, Fescu and Mr E.

And then my water-lily tile where I used Zopetto, Mumsy and Lily Pad.

013Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done with this theme, am expecting lots of blue tiles.


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It’s a String Thing #53

Last week the Tickled to Tangle ‘It’s a String Thing’ challenge reached one year old.  So this challenge is the start of the second year and as a fairly new entrant I am hoping that I’ll manage to enter all or most of this year’s challenges.

This week the string is 054 by Hope Martin.  The tangles cover most of the letters in ‘Hope’ and are Hurray!, Onamato, Planateen and Pokeleaf.

65Onamato was a new tangle to me and I enjoyed working with it.  The old brain couldn’t handle colouring Hurray’s petal shapes alternately for some reason today and so I coloured them all for a change!


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Use My Tangle – MacDee

This week the Diva’s challenge is a ‘Use My Tangle challenge’ and the tangle to try out is ‘MacDee’ by Anneke Van Dam. This is a new tangle to me.  It has a look of Scottish tartan, so as my husband’s mother was Scottish and a Graham, I decided to lightly use the colours of the Graham clan tartan. I thought that Auraknot had enough of a celtic look about it to work with a tartan too.

64Thank you for all your comments on my previous posts, I really do appreciate your taking the time to look and comment.

[Am hoping that this post works OK as WordPress seems to have had a makeover since my last post and I’m still finding my way around!]

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A new baby and a blue tit

I have a new great-niece and I wanted to make a card to send to the happy parents. It’s been a while since I tried out a tutorial which I’d found on my Pinterest travels and so today seemed like a good time to put that right.

It was a strange crafting session as half-way through making my card I heard loud fluttering at the window and when I went to look, a blue tit had got in and couldn’t get out.  As the window was closed I had to back track once I’d let the bird out, to find out where it had come in.  Sure enough near the open window in another bedroom there were tell-tale signs of a bird having flown through!  Enough said I think.  Once I had finished my card I would need to put the washing machine on!

Anyway back to my card.  Charlotte Ravn, a Danish lady, has a blog called Ravn Design, and I found the perfect card there. This is the link.

The tutorial was really easy to follow without the need to translate the detail and this is the card that I made.

003……and from the back………….

004I would like to enter this card in the following challenge:

Crafty Sentiments Designs – Anything Goes


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Happy Birthday, It’s a String Thing

Good to see Adele back again and this week marks a very special day in the history of Tickled To Tangle. It’s the first birthday of “It’s a String Thing”!

To mark the occasion, Adele has created a string for us to use (it can be seen here) which has more than a nod to a birthday candle.  The tangles this week are some which have been published recently, plus one from the very first challenge.  They are Meringue, A-Fog, Roscoe, Kitl and Lotus Pods.

I used all of the tangles and really enjoyed doing this tile.  The sun was out and the birds were twittering away in the garden whilst I was happily tangling away. I do love tangles with lots of line work so I really was in my element this week.

63 Thanks for looking.


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Welcome Bijou!

The challenge on the Diva’s blog this week is to use the new Bijou tiles which are only 2″x2″.  The suggestion is that this smaller size of tile is perfect for monotangles, tangle-studies, or for when you only have a few minutes.

I must admit that I don’t tend to do quick tangles which only take a few minutes, I like to set some time aside to relax and spend an hour or two.  So for me I thought that the new Bijou size of tile would be perfect for trying out ideas and this is what I have done today.

In my garden I have a hydrangea which has been in for a number of years.  Last year it didn’t flower at all.  This year it has had more flowers than it has ever had before and instead of being predominantly white, the flowers are starting to look a little pink, or even blue in some cases.  Every time I look at it I am reminded of the Buttercup tangle.

33 (2)So today I decided to play with Buttercup then do a tile with my hydrangea as inspiration.  Also inspired by Helen Williams on her blog a little lime, I wanted to do some ‘out of the grid’ buttercups.

62I’m off now to see what everyone else has decided to do with this new small tile.  If you haven’t already visited to look for yourself I suggest that you do so.


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It’s a String Thing #51

I can’t believe another week has gone by, but here we are again with another String Thing.  This week’s string was created by Linda Farmer of TanglePatterns.  She created it just over a year ago to celebrate her third anniversary hosting the TanglePatterns site.  “It’s a String Thing” is also approaching its first anniversary, so it’s time to celebrate!

To honour Linda, we can use some tangle patterns that begin with the letters ‘Fa’. They are Facets, Fancy Nancy, Falz and Fandango.  I used all four tangles on a colour washed tile, with a brown pen and brown crayon for shading.

003Thanks for looking….


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