On I am the diva this week, Laura said that most of the week had been ‘cold and yucky’, even 10⁰C and raining.  Well Laura you may be 6,400 miles from where I am, but we’ve also had cold and yucky 10⁰C weather, although as I write this post the sun is out and the forecast for next week is that summer will return.

This week the challenge is Stripes and here is my tangle.  I thought I’d have another practice at getting some perspective and so went for a rolls look to my stripes, with Facets, Twile, Onamato, Pia and Otopo.

69Thank you for looking.  Please do go and have a look at the other challenge entries here.


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27 Responses to Stripes

  1. AnnH says:

    Love it Linda. I have made a start on it but now I am not sure. X

  2. Ilse says:

    Beautiful, I love it!

  3. Kia says:

    really like the roll effect you have created. The pink ribbon is a great addition.

  4. Jean Chaney says:

    These are all great tangles and I love the pink ribbon holding everything together.

  5. Tinas-Welt says:

    I like the ribbon in this effect full color.

  6. Lily says:

    Beautiful tile 🙂

  7. David Hunter says:

    Your Pattern choices are perfect for your Tile. So well drawn with impeccable shading. Beautiful ribbon, awesome Tile.

  8. LonettA says:

    Wonderful tile with this pink ribbon! Nicely done!

  9. Sleigh says:

    Beautiful! It made me smile 🙂

  10. Duchess says:

    Our favorite of all the 182’s. Love the foresight of doing the ribbon first. Like you, I always think of that when it’s too late. 😉

    • lmb838 says:

      It’s said that you can never make a mistake when tangling, I guess in a similar vein you should perhaps never think with hindsight either 🙂

  11. silvapia09 says:

    Beautiful done and a great idea to gather the tangles with the ribbon! 🙂

  12. HeidiSue says:

    it reminds me of a bundle of wrapping paper! Love that pink ribbon…nice touch.

  13. Anne Marie says:

    I love the way your ribbon binds the stripes together. You asked about the shaving foam method. I’ll try to explain in English: Put some foam on a plate and put some ink or paint on it. Stir (or use a comb or fork) it until you like the pattern formed. Push a tile (paper) in it and let it dry. Tangle!

    • lmb838 says:

      Thanks for the instructions, I thought I’d give it a go straight away and rushed upstairs to find that my husband uses shaving gel not foam!! So will need to add to my shopping list before I can try it. 🙂

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