Welcome Bijou!

The challenge on the Diva’s blog this week is to use the new Bijou tiles which are only 2″x2″.  The suggestion is that this smaller size of tile is perfect for monotangles, tangle-studies, or for when you only have a few minutes.

I must admit that I don’t tend to do quick tangles which only take a few minutes, I like to set some time aside to relax and spend an hour or two.  So for me I thought that the new Bijou size of tile would be perfect for trying out ideas and this is what I have done today.

In my garden I have a hydrangea which has been in for a number of years.  Last year it didn’t flower at all.  This year it has had more flowers than it has ever had before and instead of being predominantly white, the flowers are starting to look a little pink, or even blue in some cases.  Every time I look at it I am reminded of the Buttercup tangle.

33 (2)So today I decided to play with Buttercup then do a tile with my hydrangea as inspiration.  Also inspired by Helen Williams on her blog a little lime, I wanted to do some ‘out of the grid’ buttercups.

62I’m off now to see what everyone else has decided to do with this new small tile.  If you haven’t already visited to look for yourself I suggest that you do so.


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22 Responses to Welcome Bijou!

  1. The buttercups work very well for Bijou!

  2. Jean Chaney says:

    I love hydrangea. We had them in our yard in NJ, unfortunately they don’t grow here in the AZ desert. Yours are beautiful and I like that they inspired your tangling this week. You Bijou tile is very pretty.

    • lmb838 says:

      Thank you Jean. My son has just moved to AZ and seeing the temperatures he is getting I can see how a hydrangea would hate it. They love water and we get plenty here in the UK!

  3. dobriendesign says:

    Buttercup is the perfect hydrangea interpretation, love it!

  4. Mama Shauna says:

    I think I will try the Bijou challenge. While I’d love to relax for a few hours, my two very young children don’t really allow for that! I’m lucky to get a few minutes during naptime or after they go to bed.

  5. Kia says:

    buttercup is a lovely tangle and you have designed your tiles very well. lovely garden – how lucky you are.

    • lmb838 says:

      Thank you, although it would have been more authentic if I had added a couple of snails too, we get plenty of those in the garden! x

  6. Lily says:

    Very nice 🙂

  7. AnnH says:

    I like this one Linda it is so dainty! x

  8. Annie says:

    Really lovely, in all versions – I think I like the ‘out of the grid’ one best. You’ve really captured the spirit of the hydrangea here!

  9. Donald W says:

    Nice monotangle. I love the tinge of color that you added.

  10. Annemarie says:

    Lovely tile, lovely chosen tangle. I love hydrangea to and have four in our garden. Also in Holland they bloom very well this year.

  11. LonettA says:

    Wonderful your tiles with Buttercup! Very nicely done!

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