Water, water everywhere………

The Diva’s challenge this week uses Water as the theme.  I haven’t done any watercolour backgrounds for a couple of weeks so was excited at the prospect of starting my tangle with a watery background.

My first background used Derwent Inktense pencils and cling film.  The result was pretty bright and I wasn’t sure how well a tangle would show up so then I tried my water-soluble crayons and also attempted to splash colour on.  This was much more subtle.  Made a lovely mess of the kitchen table but I enjoyed myself.

While they were drying I was thinking about what water brings to mind for me.  One of my nieces is travelling the world at the moment and I love to see the pictures she posts, they included some from diving on the Great Barrier Reef, so perhaps coral reefs?  I love gardening and although I don’t have a pond I love to see water-lilies and that might work too.

Have workmen in at home at the moment so apart from making endless cups of tea, I have plenty of time to tangle whilst I’m tied to the house.

So first my coral reef tile on the Inktense cling filmed background…………


There are so many tangles which I could have used on this tile because they reminded me of coral, but I stopped after I had used Gutz, Clam Bake, Sand Swirl, Pop’t, Grubz, Angel Fish, Fescu and Mr E.

And then my water-lily tile where I used Zopetto, Mumsy and Lily Pad.

013Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done with this theme, am expecting lots of blue tiles.


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24 Responses to Water, water everywhere………

  1. Ragged Ray says:

    Both tiles are stunning. I love the colouring effects you’ve achieved (I’ll have to try the clingfilm trick myself), the look of texture as well as colour. And great that you’ve left space in both tiles, to let the tangles stand out and move.

  2. dsgnermom says:

    Both tiles are beautiful. I love the Inktense pencils. What is the Cling film thing you did?

    • lmb838 says:

      It’s really simple, you need to work quite wet, so brush the paper with water then apply watercolours however you wish and while the paper is still wet press a piece of cling film on to it, scrunching the film up as much as you like, more scrunching = more effect. Leave to dry and that’s it! Have fun x

  3. Love them both. I really like the patterns you used in both – so representative of the ocean and then a pond! Awesome.

  4. dobriendesign says:

    Both tiles are great, I’m especially drawn to your second tile wonderful koi pond feel. Lovely work.

  5. Kate Ahrens says:

    Both are beautiful, and I love the texture with the cling film.

  6. David Hunter says:

    Both of your Tiles are wonderful. Your background effects are beautiful and I love the results. Well done.

  7. Kia says:

    two great tiles. I used inktense too, and it is very intense (but beautiful) – the cling film is a good idea and I think I will try this next time. Love your use of clam bake.

  8. LonettA says:

    Both are wonderful! Great choice of tangles and beautifully drawn! Wonderful background effect with the cling film!

  9. Anoeska says:

    I love working with watercolor and cling film, it gives such great results. Your tiles are gorgeous! (Note to self; I have to try those lily pads… 😉

  10. HeidiSue says:

    Pretty! I love the colors, they are so serene. And what creativity to use Pop’t in an underwater scene! delightful!

  11. hesedetang * says:

    I just love your water lily tile! 🙂

  12. Jean Chaney says:

    Both of these tiles truly capture the water theme. It’s nice when people explain their process. Thank you for that. Nice work.

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