Bring Your Own Beverage

On Sunday I had my first workshop with a CZT, Mary Jane Holcroft. What an inspirational experience it was.  Already looking forward to the next one.

One of the tiles we did had a coloured background.  We used very wet Brusho and then scrunched up cling film and moved it around on the paint to get some texture before leaving it on top until it was dry.  A great technique which I wanted to use again although wasn’t expecting to do it again so quickly.

Laura of I am the Diva and her family are off to the Moebius Syndrome Conference, so she has arranged some more guest challenges. This week CZT Amy from Tennessee has challenged us to B.Y.O.B – Bring Your Own Beverage – to our tangling session and utilize it in our art.

My regular cuppa is rooibos, a type of tea which is naturally caffeine free.  Yesterday I had a cuppa and afterwards used the wet tea bag to drip and sponge tea on to my tile, then got the cling film out and used the technique I had just learned.  Not quite as effective with a single colour, but happy with it.

022Since I had used tea I decided to use tangles beginning with the letter T.  I wanted to choose tangles which wouldn’t cover too much of the background so used Ticking, Tagh, Tips, Tri-po and Trentwith.

024I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done with this challenge.  Please visit the blog to have a look for yourself.

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16 Responses to Bring Your Own Beverage

  1. Jean Chaney says:

    Great idea, Linda. I have done that with watercolors, so why not with tea, coffee, etc. Great results!

  2. Fun tile and I will have to try this technique again. Thank you for stirring the memory bank, as I have used that technique with watercolors back in the day.

  3. Anoeska says:

    Love your tile! Funny, just yesterday I saw a piece of paper lying around colored with this technique. I thought why not tangle on it? So, I’m definately going to try that. Can’t wait to see your watercolor tile.

  4. Didsch says:

    Great tile, great technique, thnx for sharing! I will try it my self.

  5. Annemarie says:

    Great tile, I like it!! Great choice of tangles too. I will try this technique. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sue Sharp says:

    Terrific – love that you also used the tangles starting with T – nicely done!

  7. LonettA says:

    Wonderful tile! Thank for sharing the technique you used!

  8. Donald W says:

    Like your background. You finished well with complimentary tangles. Yours is the second I have seen with Tri-po. Used this tangle a while back and have not used it a lot since. Looks great here.

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