It’s a String Thing #47 (and a late #46)

This week the It’s a String Thing challenge marks the Fourth of July – Independence Day in the United States.  The string to use has just a hint of a star with a festive swirl in the middle and the tangles begin with the letters in JULY : Joy, Unyun, Lightning Bolt and Yincut.

All 4 tangles are ones which I have seen but not used so I enjoyed learning them all.  In particular I liked Unyun although taking it around the swirl was a bit mesmerising!

In view of the celebrations I felt compelled to use red, white and blue, and I did put some glitter pen along the outer lines of the swirl although the photo does not really bring it out.


Last week I was busy almost every day with almost no tangle time.  The result was that my tangle for #46 was too late to send in before I even started it, but I so enjoyed doing it, especially using a colour to shade for a change.  The string line and tangles were all created by CZT Sue Jacobs.  I used Jilli, Vigne, Coil and Bumps.  I love Vigne, I always think it adds a feminine touch to a tangle!

47Thank you for looking, your comments are really appreciated.

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