Tickled to Tangle

Last week I was surprised and really pleased to have my effort chosen as the tile for honours.  Thank you very much Adele.

This week the challenge on Tickled to Tangle was to use String 44 and tangles beginning with ‘N’ in honour of Anne Marks who created the string.

40I really enjoyed doing this as they’re all tangles which I’ve not used before and the final result was begging me to use some colour and I love colouring 🙂 Found ‘Nzeppel a little tricky so needed some practice.  Neuron completely changed with the dashes of colour and that could well become a regular go-to tangle for me now.

Thanks for looking…




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2 Responses to Tickled to Tangle

  1. Carmela says:

    Very beautiful and joyful with al the colors. Lovely

  2. lmb838 says:

    Thank you Carmela x

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