Yay… it’s a Zendala Dare

Yesterday when I came home from work I found out that after a break of 3 months, Erin from the Bright Owl blog had posted a zendala dare.  Great to have them back for the summer.  What better way could there be to spend a relaxing Sunday evening.

The challenge was to use the template provided here and tangle Happy.  I chose tangles that I love to do so that certainly made me happy!

37I drew the outline freehand and used Baton, Cruffle, Footlites, Vortex, Crescent Moon and a nod to Auraknot in the centre.  It’s pretty clear to me looking at the finished zendala that I like to draw lots of lines!

Looking forward to seeing how everyone else has tangled happy and would recommend going over to the Bright Owl blog and having a look or better still, having a go.



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18 Responses to Yay… it’s a Zendala Dare

  1. Annie says:

    You might like to draw lines, but you draw them SO well….it could almost seem like showing off!! (I’m joking….a bit envious maybe!) Absolutely beautiful. Love how cruffle fits so well into the non-round shape. Love it! Axxx

  2. Jean Chaney says:

    Wow! Doing all those lines must have taken forever! But, if so, it certainly was worth it. You wound up with a beautiful piece.

  3. Carmela says:

    Wauw aussom, very very beautiful linework. I love it.

  4. Sue Sharp says:

    Beautifully done lines! And I love that you did the template freehand.

  5. alice hendon says:

    it’s amazing to me how different everyone’s zendalas are – yours is beautiful! i use that popsicle and the cruffle a lot myself – 2 of my favorites!

  6. lmb838 says:

    Thanks for looking Alice x

  7. Annemarie says:

    Your linework is great, the whole zendala is beautiful.

  8. So pretty! I like what you did here! So much energy!

  9. Donald W says:

    Your line work looks great. Kind of reminds me of a flower. Great job of doing the template freehand.

  10. lmb838 says:

    Thank you Donald. Must admit I kept seeing fungus once it was completed 🙂

  11. Lila says:

    Awesome work! Love the feeling of movement – great choice of tangles

  12. Kim Barcelos says:

    As a budding tangler, I have to say that your interpretation of the Brightowl Challenge is beautiful! I just submitted mine tonight. I am hooked on this art form.

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