Tickled to Tangle

This week for the first time I decided to do a tangle for the challenge on the blog Tickled to Tangle.  The string was a given, and the tangles which could be used were Hypnotic, Hibred, Hollibaugh and Huggins.  I decided to use them all.


I haven’t used either Hollibaugh or Hypnotic before but I really enjoyed Hypnotic and think I’ll probably use that again soon.

Thanks for looking.

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4 Responses to Tickled to Tangle

  1. AnnH says:

    Great design Linda. Really impressed. Ann

  2. lmb838 says:

    Thanks Ann, hope you have a great holiday. Been at work today and feel the need to tangle now to relax 🙂

  3. Annie says:

    Great tile – and many congratulations! I have just seen you’ve received the week’s honours on A String Thing! Axxx

  4. lmb838 says:

    Thanks Annie, it was a lovely surprise x

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