Going around in circles

This week the Diva’s challenge is to make a string out of circles.  I had a whole evening to myself yesterday which meant I had a few hours for nothing but this challenge.  I used the bottom of a glass and drew around it a few times then filled the spaces which that left me with.  I enjoy filling spaces, it’s leaving spaces blank which always challenges me.

I particularly enjoyed spending time on the shading which makes such a difference, but I forgot to take ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots which was something I promised myself I would do last week after seeing others who had done just that.  Note to self: next week remember!!


Now it’s off to the dentist then I’ll be sitting down with a cup of tea and having a look at how everyone else has handled circle strings.


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20 Responses to Going around in circles

  1. AnnH says:

    Love this one Linda. Inspiring me to do some on such a nasty day. Can’t think of a better way to fill the day.

  2. Your scaling is so effective, you hardly need the shading. I’m going green!

    • lmb838 says:

      Thank you. I’m sure the shading gives it more depth but must do a before and after shot so that I can see the difference x

  3. Sam Smithard says:

    Stunning x

  4. Jean Chaney says:

    I absolutely LOVE that gear in the bottom right side. I am drawn to tangles that go in and out of the paper and also Steampunk, and that has both. Beautiful work.

  5. Annemarie says:

    Hope the visit at the dentist was not to bad. You evening alone was not wasted as you made this beautiful tile!

  6. Beewatch says:

    That’s a really beautiful tile. Your strokes and lines look like printed. Great!!!

  7. Donald W says:

    Nice transitions of your tangles. I like filling spaces also. Took me a while to get comfortable with leaving spaces. I still have to remind myself about it.

  8. Ragged Ray says:

    Very striking tile – and you keep your lines so even and parallel – well done!

  9. David Hunter says:

    Beautiful work, Linda. It is so precise that it looks like an engraving. Wonderful.

  10. heatherdpear says:

    great selection of tangles. I like to take lots of photos as they do help when I question the impact of various decisions and checking whether the shading makes a difference is definitely one of them.

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