Rain (and some sun too)

Recently I’ve been trying my hand at photography, concentrating on flowers and more especially close-ups.  This week we visited a local nature reserve and I dabbled in bird life photography.  Not so straightforward!!  Spent ages lining myself up, waiting for the goose to look into my lens ……

028…… not quick enough!!

After more sitting and waiting I decided direct eye contact was probably not going to happen so settled for a side view.  Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves wandering around and sitting in the occasional hide to view a variety of different bird life, but some way from being a badge wearing twitcher though.


Anyway on to this week’s Diva challenge.  The challenge was to use a tangle called Rain.  When I did this yesterday the sun was out and it was a lovely day, but today it is raining.  Hope I didn’t just find the Zentangle equivalent of a rain dance!!

As I hadn’t managed to use Somnee from 2 weeks ago I decided to bring that into this week’s tangle too.


Off now to check out what everyone else has done with Rain.


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24 Responses to Rain (and some sun too)

  1. akua says:

    great what you did with the tangle “RAIN”.i believe to see tht you had a nice time while you where creating this tile.all the best, akua

  2. Didsch says:

    Your rain looks great. I like the grey marker? Shading within the white space. The greenish color suits perfect. Beautiful tangles you combined througout the composition

  3. Jean Chaney says:

    I love that you left some negative space. Rain worked well for you as a string and I like the tiny dash of color you added as well.

  4. Love the rain string and the touch of color.

  5. Omer says:

    Excellent use of rain, and beautiful shadowing that really puts it in the spotlight.

  6. Lily Moon says:

    Beautiful tile!

  7. Geer Barbara says:

    Wow, this may be my favorite this week. Great job, love the little pop of color and your shading is perfect.

  8. lmb838 says:

    Thank you for such a lovely comment x

  9. Donald W says:

    Nice job. I like the shading that you achieved. Also like the soft color.

  10. Annemarie says:

    Very pretty! I like the other tangles too and also the green.

  11. Annie says:

    Really lovely, Linda. And thanks for making me chuckle at your first take on the goose! You got a great second one though. Axxx

    • lmb838 says:

      Thanks Annie, I didn’t chuckle at the time but after I got the second photo I realised I had great before and after shots haha x

  12. misssrobin says:

    Your Rain tile is so lovely. I really like the tangleations of Rain. And your shading is beautiful!

  13. heatherdpear says:

    nice goose shot. I was expecting you to use the Rain to outline the goose head and then tangle from there. I do like your tile. I haven’t used somnee in a tile yet,. Good coice of the mooka to fill in that loop.

  14. Your goose shots made me laugh. I sat in the garden last summer trying to snap kites (feathered not strung) circling over head. Thank goodness for digital cameras – not wasting film on blurred shots of the sky!

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