This week’s challenge on the Diva’s blog is to use a tangle called Camelia.  I hadn’t seen this tangle before and needed to follow the step-outs which can be found here.

We had some time to kill whilst sat in an airport hotel the evening before we returned to the UK.  I decided to use a string from because I needed some inspiration to start with.  I chose String 56 because it was perfect for Camelia as a background to a bit of Mooka, and having just said goodbye to our son and resigned ourselves to Skype contacts only for another few months, I was definitely in a Mooka mood!  I struggled a bit with shading in the curly part of Camelia so confess I added a little colour for disguise!

001I recommend that you visit the Diva’s blog to check out all of the challenge entries, it always amazes me how many different takes there are on the same challenge:)




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10 Responses to Camelia

  1. Annie says:

    Thank goodness for SKYPE!! And I expect you’re glad of your Zentangle skills too….you’ve done a great job here whilst waiting for your flight. The gentle colour really suits Camelia and it’s in a nice ‘reflection’ of your large Mooka shape. The months can fly by….Axxx

  2. Annemarie says:

    Your tile is beautiful and the touch of color too.
    Yeah, Skype is great for a lot of us especially for more contact with loved ones. My daughter lived in UK for many years and since 3 years in Switzerland now. The first years we mostly send letters, because telephone was quite expensive then. And the difference now, with this Skype and all other internet possibilities! Oh, I live in Holland by the way.

  3. LonettA says:

    Oh, this is really lovely! Wonderful shading and I like the touch of colour!

  4. Very nice with the touches of colour you have added 🙂

  5. Martha B says:

    Your Camelia turned out lovely. I think the color is great!

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