Earth Day

This week’s challenge on the Diva’s blog is to do a tangle around Earth Day, or Amanda Day as the Diva’s son Chewie calls it.  Yesterday was Earth Day and we are challenged to take some inspiration from our earth.

My first thought was earth as just a small part of the universe, and then I thought how small our world is because you can fly to almost everywhere on it.  So my tangle has Rixty aeroplanes circumnavigating the earth (although not sure why they started from outer space!).  Particularly pertinent at the moment as I do this tangle and blog post about 5,000 miles from home, visiting my son in Colorado.


I felt that the sea should be blue.  I didn’t bring colours with me but whilst here was very excited to find some Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils at a knock down price in Michael’s so I used those.  Had to improvise with a cotton bud for a paint brush hence some untidy edges!

Hope you like it, off now to look at everyone else’s tangles.


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20 Responses to Earth Day

  1. Simply beautiful!! I really like the total layout of your tangles!!! :0) Share Humanity

  2. caroona says:

    I love the Rixties coming from outer space!

  3. Annie says:

    Great idea, Linda – love how it’s turned out! Axxx

  4. Annemarie says:

    Yes, I do like this! Cruffle in the corners is beautiful.

  5. AnnH says:

    Love this one Linda and admire your interpretation. .AnnX

  6. My eyes were drawn to the blue first, and then I saw everything else – lovely!

  7. Donald W says:

    Nice interpretation of the challenge. Like the minimal use of color but it really stands out.

  8. Betsy Wilson says:

    I think a cotton bud used on your Amanda tile is quite appropriate. I like it!

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