Charlie and a Zendala

I thought I would have a go at a Zendala this week as I haven’t done one before and I’ve admired them on other tangler’s blogs. The Zendala Dare is a weekly challenge over on the Bright Owl’s blog.   Every week a template is provided and this week’s dare is a Snowflake Surprise.

As I said, this was my first Zendala, but I must admit that I found it less relaxing to do than a regular tangle, because I found the repetition a bit tedious.  My gut reaction was to do each of the 10 points the same but next time I’m thinking that I’ll alternate around the template instead to get some more variety in.


I do like to add a bit of colour to my tangles and as we were on snowflakes it had to be a little blue.

This week’s Diva’s challenge is a UMT (Use My Tangle) challenge. The challenge is to try Erin Olson’s tangle: Charlie. You can find the step-out instructions HERE on her blog.

Last week I tried my hand at getting some perspective into my tangle and I decided to carry on in that vein until I feel like I’ve cracked it.  Still have some way to go I think. Feathers was my last tangle and I started at the top in an attempt to get the sizing right, but was half way down the page when I realised that I hadn’t lined the curves up correctly!  So it became a feathers variant!


As I still had my blue ProMarkers out from doing the snowflake, I thought I’d highlight Charlie a little too.

The sun is out now so I’m off to do some gardening while I can.



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14 Responses to Charlie and a Zendala

  1. Karen says:

    Very pretty I love the way you used the blue!

  2. Donald W says:

    The blue does add that “icy” touch. Like the touch of color in the Diva challenge. I have not gotten mine done yet.

  3. Annemarie says:

    Indeed, the blue gives it the cold look. I do like your zendala, it’s airy and elegant. The tile with Charlie is very beautiful!!!!

  4. AnnH says:

    lots of patience for that snowflake one. It.s lovely. Ann

  5. ksallquiet says:

    That is a gorgeous blue color…
    Your zendala snowflake is so crisp & clean & the lines are so perfect. I love straight lines & clean edges (something I have trouble with because I tend to work a bit messy.)
    & Your Diva Challenge Charlie is really lovely too! Great 2p perspective, I love the curling pages & the ascent up & out & off the page… into the great unknown… haha, that’s cheesy but totally what I was thinking! 🙂

  6. Lovely Zendala. And I really love your Diva tile, the color really adds some zip to it. I haven’t got mine done, either.

  7. Annie says:

    It’s a beautiful snowflake Zendala! And your Charlie tile is great – there’s lots of perspective and depth and I like the blue on it too. Axxx

  8. LonettA says:

    Both are really great! I like the touch of blue colour! Wonderful job!

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