Spring is coming ………

Today we visited Hodsock Priory, near Blythe in Nottinghamshire, to see the snowdrops there.  As well as the snowdrops which have now been blooming for a few weeks there are lots of other signs of spring on the horizon.  The visit gave me a chance to really try out my new camera and I enjoyed playing with the macro button.

006a   107

The ground was damp so not good for getting down and crawling around to get close up shots of snowdrops with the macro setting, but nevertheless I did capture them.

035 102

The country house isn’t open to the public, but the grounds open for a month at snowdrop time.  Today was the last day for this year.

 086 097 082 103

The sky was pretty grey and after a couple of hours it started to rain but I was happy that I’d captured lots of different flowers and blossoms, signs that spring is well on its way.



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2 Responses to Spring is coming ………

  1. AnnH says:

    Lovely Linda certainly makes me feel more cheery.

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