Crocus in bloom

On Thursday the weather was pretty mild and no wind and rain so I decided to spend some time tidying in the garden.  Got plenty done and have aching legs to prove it.

I have some snowdrops flowering and also lots of clumps of purple crocus which have freely seeded all over, including in the gravel on the drive.  They looked so cheerful that I took a few pictures, although with my aching back and legs it was hard to bend far enough down!


When I got in I decided to do some tangling to relax.  For inspiration I used the crocus and then last night I added the colour with some watercolour pencils.  (The pot began life as Stackem from Helen’s patterns on her blog a little lime, but one mistake after another left me playing about with it to make it look something like!)


I enjoyed doing this and may well do something similar with other flowers as inspiration as the garden comes to life again.



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7 Responses to Crocus in bloom

  1. AnnH says:

    Lovely Linda. You are very clever.

  2. lmb838 says:

    Thanks Ann, I did enjoy doing it x

    • lmb838 says:

      Thanks very much. I’ve just been looking at your ‘2013 in Pictures’ post – some lovely pictures of plants to look forward to. I too have geraniums outside, still flowering, it has been a very weird winter .

      • Oh, it has been a very weird Winter !!! But I prefer this above ice and snow and very cold temperatures. I do hope Winter will stay away now, but these days you never know, everything is possible !

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