End of a good day’s crafting

OK, the rain didn’t come until later so I felt a bit guilty crafting when there was work to be done, so I did rake the acorns off the lawn and gave the grass a cut, hoping it will be the last one ’til next year.  Then I got back to my crafting.

I wanted to do something new today so I did some quilling.  I had a go with some shredded paper a while ago and then bought some quilling strips, but this is the first time I’ve had what you could call ‘a proper go’.  I found a tutorial on Rachielle’s blog incredibly useful and easy to follow.  This is what I made:


I can see lots of bits that should be tidier, but I’m very pleased with my first proper attempt.  I don’t think the gluing would stand up to Royal Mail’s handling!!

For a change from making Christmas cards I decided to make a birthday card for a friend who loves the colour purple.  She may look at my blog so I’ll be saving the picture until later in November 🙂

Thanks for visiting x

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2 Responses to End of a good day’s crafting

  1. Helen Pierce says:

    It’s a very simple but cute Birthday card! Do you have other photos of your quilling? That is my art of choice since 2005. Born again, too 🙂 Helen

  2. lmb838 says:

    Hi Helen, thanks for your interest. As yet this is the only one, previously I have just had a go at making the different component shapes with some shredded scrap. I make a lot of cards so my natural instinct was to make a card but I do wonder how it would stand up to the rigours of being put through the postal system!
    I enjoyed doing it, it was very relaxing and my thoughts are to try to do a Christmas card next, snowflakes perhaps? Will post the end result later this week. Linda x

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