The York ‘Crafters Trail’

So yesterday I visited York which is about 20 minutes by train for me.  I had read about the The York Crafters Trail somewhere and made a mental note to visit one day.  Yesterday was the day!

ImageFirst stop was Grace and Jacob in Barleycorn Yard. It is a small shop and working studio.  They stock supplies for felt making and spinning and also lots of fabrics and I made a note that when I start learning quilting this would be a great place to get material!

Next stop was Duttons for Buttons on Coppergate.  Good grief I have never seen so many buttons.  An olde worlde shop with a whole wall of old wooden drawers stocked with what seemed like millions of buttons!  Their stock of ribbons mesmerised me.

I then found Gillies Fabrics Trimmings Crafts and Sewing Machines on Peter Lane.  It took some finding.  I twice passed the end of a little snicket wide enough for one person before I realised that it was the end of Peter Lane.  Lots of fabric, sewing machines, buttons, thread, patterns.  A poster on the window advertised workshops.  Another note made!

Then it was across to Colliergate where I found Knit and Stitch.  Lots more wool and knitting patterns.  They do workshops too.  I also called into Barnitts which though not strictly on the trail has a great cake decorating department.  Lots of unusual shaped baking tins to be had there.

Next stop  The Shambles.  This is probably the most famous street in York and was full of tourists from all over the world if the languages being spoken were anything to go by.  I passed the Shambles Art Shop and made my way to Ramshambles where there was lots of knitting wool on display including some very local wools.

After calling in at a little cafe for a toasted tea-cake and a latte on Goodramgate I noticed Boyes. Upstairs in their craft department they stock fabric, ribbons, buttons, papercraft supplies, jewellery making supplies and wool.  Close by I also spotted Make your mark stamps where you can buy craft stamps and also have rubber stamps made.

Next stop was Stonegate for a shop called Softpots where I hoped to see a new plant craft but unfortunately the garden is closed all day on Wednesdays.  Bad planning on my part!  Mind you I was in Stonegate and there was Bettys so I had to just call in and get two of their Fat Rascals for later!

On to High Petergate and a shop called The Viking Loom.  This shop is like an Aladdin’s Cave with lots of rooms full of tapestries, embroidery silks and wools, glass beads, threads, quilting fabric, papercrafts.  Again lots of workshops advertised.

Last stop on the trail was Craft Basics on Gillygate.  Lots of papercraft supplies here alongside beads, paints, ribbons, threads, glues etc.  On my way back to the train I called into Imaginative Icing on Lendal.  There were some fabulous decorated cakes in the windows which can be made to order but inside there is all a DIY cake icer could wish for.  Cutters, boards, ribbons, colours, pillars, candles, tins……………… the list goes on.

A fabulous day out.  Will be going again but next time I’ll have a shopping list!!

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2 Responses to The York ‘Crafters Trail’

  1. So glad you found the leaflet! There is a new one about to be released with updated members – some new ones! Take a look here for a copy of the new list:

    Click to access 22-craft-trail-leaflet-2015.pdf

    – available to pick up from Visit York and any of the shops listed within the next 2 weeks

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